évolis Reverse Activator

évolis Reverse Activator


After 12 years of research an alternative to combat thinning hair has been found.

The REVERSE activator contains the extraordinary power of concentrated Sanguisorba Officinalis and other key botanical extracts. Patented formulation combats thinning hair. 

1.7 Fl. Oz


Directions for use:

SHAKE WELL before each use. Apply one full dropper to each area requiring treatment and massage into the scalp. For best results use twice daily for a minimum of 16 weeks.

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Scientists discovered the FGF5 gene affects hair growth, and regulating it reverses hair loss.

Evolis is formulated with certified active botanical extracts that block the FGF5 gene.

Clinical tests show 75% reduction in hair loss and 40% increase in density in 3 months.

Apply evolis on your scalp on wet or dry hair 2x per day! It dries quickly with no residue!