évolis Reverse Treatment Mask

évolis Reverse Treatment Mask


Intensive conditioning and restorative hair treatment. Intensive conditioning and restorative hair treatment. Contains an exclusive blend of antioxidants and botanical extracts to enhance hair suppleness, increase shine and volume, improving overall hair health. Use once a week.


4 Individually Packaged - 1 Fl. Oz Masks


Directions for use:

Gentle massage into washed, towel dried hair. Evenly distribute from mid-lengths to ends using a wide-tooth comb. Leave for minimum of 10 minutes then rinse. Can be used overnight to intensify results.

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Scientists discovered the FGF5 gene affects hair growth, and regulating it reverses hair loss.

Evolis is formulated with certified active botanical extracts that block the FGF5 gene.

Clinical tests show 75% reduction in hair loss and 40% increase in density in 3 months.

Apply evolis on your scalp on wet or dry hair 2x per day! It dries quickly with no residue!