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Micro Hair Extensions for Female Hair Loss

Seamlessly Integrated with Your Existing Hair for the Additional Length, Volume, & Coverage You Need.


Thinning Hair Solutions for Women: For a Great Looking You.

Women come to Primp Salon in Minnetonka with varying degrees of female hair loss.

Some women have just begin to experience thinning hair and hair loss, while others have experienced severe hair loss and thinning. Still other women are experiencing moderate hair loss.

At Primp Salon in Minnetonka, we take pride in offering hair loss treatment and hair restoration solutions for women to address all stages of hair loss and thinning hair. And we are especially proud of our Micro Hair Extensions.

Now with Micro Hair Extensions from Primp Salon, you can stop continually worrying about how your hair looks and once again you will feel able to walk out the door in the morning thinking “My hair looks GREAT today!”

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Perfect Coverage Without Damaging Your Existing Hair

Regular extensions are usually worn to add length, but micro hair extensions are perfect for adding volume and additional coverage where you need it most.

Just as the name implies, a micro extension is a teeny, tiny version of a regular hair extension. The great thing about micro extensions is that they can be adapted to your specific situation. Primp Salon stylists at our Minneapolis salon can attach just a few in key areas or add many to really increase your hair’s thickness, change your look, or even add length to your style. And, they come in all hair colors and textures!

Because the bond is so small they blend in, act like your own hair, and are very comfortable. If you are worried about people noticing a change, you can transition into them by starting with a few and adding more gradually – but even a few extensions can make a big difference! You can choose the amount you want to add and they can be removed easily, so micro hair extensions are not a big commitment financially or otherwise.

Attaching micro extensions is a special technique that requires specific training. At Primp Salon in Minnetonka, you will find highly trained stylists who have years of experience in helping women with thinning hair and alopecia. And Michele will make doubly sure that you know everything you need to know to keep your hair looking beautiful every day.

No One Will Ever Know

You may have had thin hair your entire life or noticed your hair getting thinner over time due to alopecia or another medical condition, medication, hormones, genetics, trichotillomania, or for no reason at all.

It doesn’t matter what the cause is, micro hair extensions may be just the answer for you! With our amazing color, curl, styling and color options, nobody will ever know your secret to beautiful looking hair.

For more information and to schedule a free, private hair loss consultation, contact us today.


Custom Hair Solutions Made Just for You

Here at Primp Salon, we work closely with you to find the best hair solution to fit your needs. Our service starts with a private consultation with you to ensure we choose the best hair treatment to achieve the results you want. Call now or fill out the convenient contact form below to schedule your free first consultation with us.

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