Are you looking for a hair stylist that will not only go the extra mile, but an extra ten miles for their clients? Michele Rae at Primp Hair Salon is your gal! You instantly become her friend and she spends all the time it takes to make you happy. Your once thin, limp hair becomes a fun hairstyle that you never ever thought you could have. She is one very “special” gal with a very “special” talent!

- Nancy

Michele is one of the easiest people to work with, she is sweet, and humble, and has such a caring spirit. When Michele does my hair, it’s a wonderful experience. I get to come in, and it’s all about me. It’s a special treat and I feel like a superstar. There’s nothing like having more volume!

- Tara


At age 33, after the birth of my second child I suffered from extreme hair loss. It seemed hormonally triggered to me, but the doctors never really identified a cause. Regardless of the reason, it changed my life significantly. The loss and re-growth over the years would ebb and flow, but in general my situation gradually got worse and worse. You could see through to my scalp on the top of my head and I was very self conscious about it.

I had a career that I loved with a fortune 500 company where I traveled, did presentations to large groups of people, ran meetings, and was in constant contact with a wide variety of people. I’ve never really considered myself vain, but my hair loss really affected my self confidence and made it hard for me to be my best at work and in life in general.

As much as I tried to deny it, I felt myself slipping into depression. I cried easily about anything. On top of the sadness, I felt guilty about being sad because my hair loss was not due to a life-threatening situation, which we usually attribute to hair loss. But, interestingly, when I read about women going through cancer and chemo, they often said that the hair loss was one of the most challenging aspects.

Over the course of about 12 years I searched for and tried every remedy I could find – both the goofy and not so goofy – but nothing worked. I was on the verge of a pretty drastic step of shaving the hair I had left on the top of my head and attaching a hair piece, a solution that made me very nervous though I know for many women it can be a good solution. A few days before this move, I saw an ad for micro-extensions and decided to try them. I feel like they gave me my life back. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have thick flowing locks, but the top of my head is pretty well covered now, and I can style my hair every day and leave the house feeling pretty good about myself. I’ve even had strangers stop me and tell me how cute my hair is! (They become instant best friends!)

Hair extensions are a bit of a commitment, but to me, one that is well worth it. I know that thinning hair is a common problem, and I would encourage any woman struggling with it to explore micro-extensions. I am so grateful to have found them. The cloud has lifted!


- A client who wishes to remain anonymous.


I have three daughters. They all have different kinds of hair. None of them want anyone else to cut it except Michele.

- Pam


When I met Michele I was really struggling with thinning hair. It was affecting my confidence and my happiness. I am a businesswoman and it was becoming harder for me to make presentations and attend meetings without being overly distracted by and concerned about how my hair looked. Michele knew just what to do with micro extensions to dramatically improve my hair. She really changed my life and I felt myself returning to the old me. Strangers would even stop me to tell me how cute my hair looked – that was a real highlight for me. Michele is not only skilled in the application of extensions but she is sensitive, flexible, and caring. She treats you like a friend not a client and that makes all the difference when you are embarrassed and stressed about hair loss. I am grateful for what she’s done for me.


A client who wishes to remain anonymous.


I’ve been seeing Michele for years now and I can’t imagine going to anyone else. I like to change my hair style and color whenever the mood strikes me– sometimes I will go into the salon with an idea in mind; other times I simply show up and ask Michele to “work her magic.” I have never been disappointed. I would gladly recommend Michele as a top-rate stylist!


- Cheryl

Michele used to cut my hair over 10 years ago, then I moved and never liked my haircuts again. One day I was at a grocery store and noticed a woman with a haircut I really liked and I asked her who did it. She said, “her name is Michele Rae”, I couldn’t believe the coincidence so I called the Primp Hair Salon, and sure enough it was the same Michele. Michele is the ONLY ONE who has ever REALLY LISTENS to me and cuts my hair the way I WANT. I would drive an hour to have her be the one to do my hair.


- Pam Turner


In march of 2013, frustrated with my baby fine thinning hair, and balding areas of my scalp, I did an internet search for possible solutions. The information I found on Michele’s website gave me new hope for finally finding a way to cover my quarter size bald spots, that would be easy to take care of, and finally give me hair “like normal people”. My entire adult life had been spent in the color/cut/perm cycle trying to get some body and lift in my hair, to no avail.

I looked forward to my consultation with Michele. She immediately made me feel comfortable in her lovely salon, and it was very easy to share with her my anxiety about my hair. At my very first appointment, she applied some extensions to the crown and bang area of my hair, and I walked out amazed at how such few strands of hair had made such a huge difference in how I looked and how I felt!

Eventually, she introduced me to a Volumizor, and I have been wearing one ever since. My hair now has movement, body, style, and I feel terrific. I finally felt that I presented a look on the outside, that matched me on the inside – a confident, happy, and outgoing woman. I believe that I walked taller, smiled more, and projected a better overall sense of well-being. I discovered that I was being approached by sales people in stores much sooner then before my new look. Before, I felt invisible at malls; but now I felt so good about myself that I’m sure I was projecting this to the world, and my world – indeed my life – had changed. My husband and family noticed the positive direction my life had taken and were all extremely happy for me, and supportive of my desire to try new things. Activities and situations that had made me feel uncomfortable in the past were now much more for comfortable for me to engage in.

All of these positive feelings led me to want to make another change – a change that I had been reluctant to pursue in the past – because, I would still always feel self conscious about my thinning hair. My hair issue being successfully resolved, I decided to tackle another area of my body that had been holding me back – physically and emotionally – the excess skin and fat on my stomach. So, in November of this year, I underwent Abdominoplasty. Six pounds of skin and fat were removed, and once again I felt amazing with my new profile.

I soon came to the conclusion that this mini transformation I had undergone had started with a few hair extensions applied by Michele earlier in the year. I am so thrilled about my look and new outlook on life, that I want to let all women with thinning hair know that there is a solution!

There is help and there is hope.
HELP for thinning hair, and HOPE for a new outlook on life.
You will find both at Primp.


- Kim P.


You fixed my hair last night. I just wanted to thank you so much. I came in with a complete mess on the top of my head and it was really embarrassing. You did an amazing job and I finally have hope for my hair. I love it! Thank you so much!!!!!

- Katie B.


Hair speaks.