Keratin Smoothing Treatments Are the Best Thing to Happen to Natural Curly Hair

If you are tired of being limited by the ways in which you can style your curly, textured, or frizzy hair – or the amount of time it takes to style it to get a smoother finish, or letting the weather dictate how many good hair days you have, then you should try the safe and innovative smoothing treatments available today. Keratin Smoothing Treatments from Primp Salon in Minneapolis offer a range of results from more manageable curl to completely straight.

For Curly Hair
If you have naturally curly hair, you don’t have to go from curly to straight with a smoothing treatment – you can choose something in between. And, whatever you choose, your hair will become more manageable and easier to style, whether you want to wear it silky and straight, a little curly, or blow it out soft.

For Ringlet Curls
If you have ringlet curls you’ll be excited about the way smoothing treatments work for you. Your stylist can control the degree of curl or smooth finish with their technique. So if you like your curls, and don’t want to destroy them, but rather, open them up, you can achieve a bigger, “loopier,” curl that is less reactive to humidity. If you want a smooth look, with just a blow dryer and a brush you can get that, too.

For Wavy or Coarse Hair
Are humid days just bad hair days for you? If so, you probably have textured hair that you might refer to as “frizzy.” Smoothing treatments will sort of “weather protect” and give you soft, shiny, manageable hair that you can trust to stay nice all day.

Ethnic/ Highly Textured Hair
On natural, not previously relaxed hair a smoothing treatment can give you a softer texture and curl. On previously chemically relaxed hair, a smoothing treatment will give you what you always expected from traditional relaxers; straight, sleek, shiny hair.

Smoothing treatments give you control over your hair, and they can last from 8 to 12 weeks! Most importantly, you can get these results without risk. The new amino-acid based products are safe – for both you and the environment. Ask your stylist about the type of products he or she uses.

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