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Alopecia Wigs for Women

Beautiful 100% European Style Wigs for Women with Thinning Hair and Hair Loss


Alopecia Wigs for Female Hair Loss

Fine quality 100% human hair alopecia wigs for women. For women with thinning hair and various forms of Alopecia and female hair loss, finding the right wig can be a life changing experience. Because it affects how you view yourself, dramatically affects your appearance and self-confidence, your self-confidence, and how others look upon you.

Our fine European style women's human hair wigs are truly amazing. We are extremely proud of our custom and ready-to-wear women's wigs. For the ultimate in style, comfort, and feel, there is nothing that compares to a beautifully crafted, fine quality natural human hair wig. Primp Salon in Minnetonka offers the Minneapolis area's finest natural human hair and virgin European hair women's wigs for women suffering from Alopecia, and other medically related causes of hair loss and thinning hair.



Womens Wigs Minneapolis Minnetonka MN

Custom Hair Loss Solutions for Women – Minneapolis

Today’s modern European style human hair wigs are lightweight and easy to care for, going with you wherever your active life takes you. Unlike regular consumer-grade synthetic hair wigs, our modern medical quality women's human hair wigs let you style and color your hair any way you wish. Use your blow dryer, rollers, even your curling iron. You have total flexibility with your wig, just like your own growing hair. Style it any way your imagination leads you. It's your hair!


Not All Wigs are Created Equal

At Primp Salon in Minnetonka, all of our beautiful women's human hair wigs are made from the very finest processed and virgin European hair available. By creating affordable, beautiful wigs made to the highest standards, you are assured of a look and feel that simply cannot be surpassed.

Unlike synthetic wigs you will find at the mall, our human hair wigs start with no hair style whatsoever. They are meticulously cut, styled and customized just for you by our professional wig stylists to meet your specific needs and give you just the look you have always wanted.

We also spend time with you to teach you how to care for your wig so you will enjoy it for many years to come.



Take Back Your Confidence!