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Gorgeous Natural Hair Extensions for Amazing Body & Length

Instantly Add the Fullness and Length You Want with Beautiful, 100 Natural Hair Extensions from Primp Salon in Minneapolis.

Who says the most gorgeous hair extensions are only reserved for Hollywood celebrities and models? Women throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul area love hair extensions because they let you have the hair of your dreams: longer, thicker hair with incredible fullness and volume just where you want it or need it. All of our hair extensions are 100% natural human hair, available in all the most in-demand lengths, textures, and colors imaginable.

And with our exclusive, gentle application methods, the hair extensions from Primp Hair Salon are the most gentle and best way to achieve the look you want without causing damage to your own existing hair.


The Ultimate in Women’s Hair Extensions in Minneapolis

Now you can instantly have the added volume and length you’ve always wanted with our finest quality premium women's hair extensions from Primp Salon in Minnetonka. And with our exclusive application techniques, you can have the long, thick, beautiful hair you've always dreamed of having without damaging your own existing hair.  

Primp Salon is the leader in women's hair extensions in the Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota area, with the latest non-damaging hair extension application techniques. We know all the newest extension methods and will help you choose the best fit for you.

Our exclusive natural women's hair extensions are selected from the finest 100% natural human hair so you can fell great about your hair again, with the assured self-confidence and security you deserve. And our specialized techniques and expertise will assure you of the best professional hair extensions experience available.

Get the beautiful, healthy looking hair of your dreams with increased volume and long, thick gorgeous hair. Wear your hair up or down. Add highlights or lowlights. Have fun with your hair again.

With hair extensions from Primp Salon, you can enjoy the active lifestyle you want, without restrictions of any kind. Go ahead: hit the gym, go jogging, skydiving, swimming, you name it. Now you can do it with absolute confidence in your hair.


100% Natural Hair Extensions for Women - Minneapolis, St. Paul.

What could having longer, thicker, more beautiful hair with more volume and body do for your hair? What about adding some extra color, or highlights or lowlights? Think of the possibilities!

At Primp Salon in Minnetonka, it’s easy to find out because the process takes so little time. We can apply beautiful, natural hair extensions in just a couple of hours in the length, color and style of your choice. For the hair of your dreams!


Primp Hair Extensions: The Power of Transformation.