Getting Support For Trichotillomania

Trich is a condition that isolates and destroys confidence.

Trichotillomania is a little known condition, but it affects millions of people around the world. It often goes unnoticed by others while victims silently hurt. It takes help from family members, friends, and others who have the disorder to fight through this condition, and unfortunately fear of judgment keeps people from speaking up.

Trichotillomania can be easily hidden from others under a hat or scarf. Even children and adolescents can suffer from trich, especially when they’ve been through stressful or traumatic events. We can’t imagine the kind of criticism they might receive from others who don’t understand this devastating condition or that hair pulling is never purposeful or even consciously done. No one wants to hide every day. That’s disempowering.

The condition also varies from person to person.

It’s commonly associated with skin-picking and other compulsive disorders. It could even be compared to nail biting under stress, only it has much more severe ramifications and can happen during sleep. Sometimes victims don’t think about it, and are even unaware. Sometimes it’s all they can think about, like someone suffering from a binge eating disorder who can’t possibly think of anything except food. Researchers still don’t have all the answers, and although stress can trigger it, nobody knows the root cause.

Teens and children suffering from Trich have an especially difficult time.

Bullying gets a lot of attention in the media, but doesn’t seem to ever change. Adolescents can be especially subject to low self-esteem and bullying in schools from insensitive classmates. They need extra sensitivity because not as many people their age are as understanding as adults might be.

Support groups make it easier.

Support groups help, but outside those groups, the rest of the world might not understand. Primp is among those who are in the support group. We attend conferences and educational seminars to grow in our understanding of the condition. We also treat everyone who walks into the salon as an equal, whether they’re just in for a new style, or if they are suffering from severe hair loss.

Some great resources are the Trichotillomania Learning Center and Come to Primp or check out these other support resources to find out how others are dealing with this condition and to get help. No one should go through it alone.

Trichotillomania, or trich, is a body-focused repetitive behavior that affects millions of men, women, and even children around the world. Closely related to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, trich’s victims pull out hair from all parts of the body subconsciously and even during sleep. Pulling out hair reduces stress levels and balances the mind and body back to normal, similar to nail biters or over eaters, all without them really knowing. While some treatments can be effective for some individuals, no one treatment is useful for everyone, and there is no cure. Researchers are working to provide up-to-date information on new treatments.

We are a safe place for victims of Trichotillomania

At Primp Salon in Minneapolis, we are a safe place for victims who feel hopeless. You can come to us and feel comfortable and understood. We want to alleviate our clients’ frustration and isolation, offer help and real hope. There are many cosmetic solutions to help sufferers of Trichotillomania, including beautiful human hair wigs that give you a perfectly natural look, and help break the cycle of hair pulling.

Our private room makes hair loss victims feel comfortable

For victims of trichotillomania and others who suffer from hair loss, we have a private room so they won’t feel exposed during the consultation. Everything can be done in private, and we make sure to take care of every client with sensitivity. Stay tuned for further posts about trichotillomania and what we are doing to help victims take back their confidence.