Reversing Female Hair Loss | Primp Salon Minneapolis


The latest discovery in hair growth is here! Clinical tests show 75% reduction in hair loss and 40% increase in density in three months. Whether you're suffering from female hair loss or just want fuller, thicker, longer hair, Evolis is an all-natural solution that gets results. As of January 2017, Evolis is now available in the United States, and Primp is honored to be the first women's hair salons in Minneapolis (and one of the first in the country) to offer this cutting edge solution.

A little about the science…

The first evidence that a hair gene existed was found in 1994 by researchers at the University of California. Within the last 10 years, Columbia University researched the gene’s effect on regulating the hair life cycle, and discovered that the gene, called FGF5, actually controls how long hair is in the growing phase, resting phase, etc. Scientists realized that if you have an overabundance of FGF5 your hair will move quickly from the growing phase to the resting phase and stay there for a longer period of time. They also realized that reversing the effects of FGF5 could therefore fix the hair life cycle, and reduce hair loss.

The bottom line is...

All types of hair loss are attributed to an issue in hair life cycle, and there’s now a product that can help. Evolis is one of our newest product lines at Primp - and we are so excited to be sharing about it.

It’s a great product for thinning hair, hair that has gone through texture changes, or just overall hair improvement. In 2 blind placebo studies the consumers found that their hair was thicker, healthier,  more manageable, and even less frizzy. One tester who wanted longer hair, but couldn’t grow it past her shoulders ended up with improved curls, and 2 extra inches of length after the study.

The REVERSE Activator has the highest concentration of actives to help your hair, so you have to use it twice a day (but that’s not hard - it’s just like brushing your teeth). You need only apply it twice a day, every day, to see it’s magic work. It leaves no residue, and goes on hair that’s wet, dry, styled or even set with products, so it’s hassle free to apply, which we love! The REVERSE shampoo and conditioner can easily replace your current products. It’s also the ONLY product that pregnant or lactating women can use to combat hair loss.

Evolis customers have had up to 44% increases in hair density, and 80% reductions in hairfall. We can’t wait to see the effect this product will have on customers with hair loss, and watch their confidence, and hair volume skyrocket!

P.S. Dascha Polanco from Orange is the New Black uses evolis and come on, check out those thick waves!