Picking Your Perfect Hair Extensions Length

When you are thinking about getting hair extensions, you will have a few decisions to make. Most likely the first decision will be whether you want curly, wavy or straight hair extensions. After you know what style of hair you want, you need to decide on the length. Hair extension measurements refer to the length of the hair that will be used to create the final length you are looking to achieve for your hair.

Styling Your Hair Extensions

How you style your hair can play a role in how how you decide what is the perfect length for your hair extensions. For example, curly or wavy hair will appear shorter simply because of the natural curl in the hair. If you plan on curling your straight hair regularly then you may want to get hair extensions that are a little longer in length to allow the length that is taken away by the curls.

How Tall Are You?

Where your extensions fall will depend greatly on your own height, as your height will impact the overall look of your hair extensions. If you’re a tall person then your hair extensions will look shorter on you than they would on someone who is shorter with hair extensions of the same length. At Primp Salon, our Minneapolis Hair Extensions experts can help advise you on the best hair extensions length that will work best for you and help you achieve the style and look you want.

Choosing Your Hair Extensions Length: A Quick Guide

  • 12” – This is often the perfect length if you want to thickening up shoulder length hair.

  • 14” – Hair Extensions of this length will add great length and fullness to just below the shoulders.

  • 16” – With 16” hair extensions, this is a good length to start with if you want long hair.

  • 18” – At this length, your hair extensions will end just short of your middle back.

  • 20” – This length will typically fall around your mid-back.

  • 22-24” – This length will fall down to around your lower back.

Hair Extensions Benefits

Hair extensions offer many benefits like added length, increased hair density and fullness which can be helpful if you are beginning to experience female hair loss or thinning hair, or just looking to achieve a great new look.

Whether this is your first time considering getting hair extensions or you have had them before, at Primp Salon in Minneapolis, we will help you through the decision-making process so you not only get the hair style and look you’re excited to achieve, but our process will give you that hair without harming your existing hair.