Teenage Hair Loss Causes & Solutions

When you think of teenagers, you probably don’t think of teen hair loss. It isn’t something that is common for teenagers. For those who due suffer from thinning hair, it can have an enormous effect on self-esteem. This can translate into bigger issues that go along with their own self identity.


When it comes to teens and what they like to eat, eating healthy isn’t usually something they concern themselves with. They usually eat too much junk food or go the other direction and follow harmful fad diets. The lack of protein, vitamins and minerals can affect their hair which can result in teen hair loss. To reverse hair loss caused by dietary imbalances, teens need to eat more balanced meals so their bodies and their hair follicles get the proper nutrition.


The life of a teenager can be stressful. From advanced classes, student athletics, fitting in with other teens at school, and college admissions each one of these adds a lot of stress to an individual on a daily basis. This intense stress can manifest into hair loss, so it goes without saying that teens need to learn a healthy ways to manage their feelings and their daily demands. Once they know how to manage what stresses them, their hair should grow back.

Hormonal Changes

Every teen begins to go through physical changes due to hormones, and sometimes this can cause hair loss for some teens. Some may find that birth control pills are the cause of their hair beginning to fall out. It is best to talk to your doctor about hormone-related hair loss because they can offer possible treatment options. If your hair loss is due to birth control, your doctor may simply prescribe a different type of pill.

Traction Alopecia

For lots of teens, experimenting with their hair or wearing extreme hairstyles is normal. Some teens may over do it and this can lead to thinning hair, damaged hair, and hair loss. Traction alopecia is caused by tight up-dos and poor quality hair extensions both of which can lead to often temporary patches of hair loss. This can be prevented by just avoiding styles that can put a lot of stress on hair follicles. If you are experiencing thinning hair because of stress on your hair, by eliminating the stress the hair should grow back. Continuing to wear those hair styles runs the risk of permanent damage to the hair follicles and this could mean that any hair loss could be irreversible.

Stress, diet and other potential hair loss triggers are important to manage as a way to address this type of hair loss. Teens should see their doctor if they experience hair loss so they can get treatment options and keep their hair loss from advancing.

There is no doubt that hair loss can be devastating and for many teens it can seem even more so. The good news is that the right treatment or changes in behavior can often fix the problem. By addressing the cause of your hair loss as soon as possible, teens can prevent further hair issues. While new hair growth won’t happen immediately, you can stop future hair loss.

A great option if you are a teen with hair loss is to see an experienced hair loss professional who can determine the cause of your hair loss and discuss several hair loss solutions available until your hair does grow back.