Psychological Effects of Female Hair Loss

When most of us see a man that has thinning hair we don’t think to much about it. Its almost like it is expected. On the other hand, when a woman has hair loss it is perceived much differently. The psychological effects of female hair loss can be one of the important things you learn about if you struggle with this condition. The reasoning for this is easy to understand.

Female Hair Loss: The Social Factor

One of the main reasons that a woman’s hair loss is so traumatic is because of the social expectations. Most women want to look beautiful and to leave the house without doing their hair in some fashion is unthinkable. Even a few uncontrollable wisps of hair can become a problem for any woman, even if she still looks beautiful to everyone around her. The social factors create this psychological effect.

Women often feel a range of emotions regarding women's hair loss causes that include:

  • A worry about people judging her if her hair is not just right

  • Worrying about stand out in the wrong way and if people might begin to talking about her

  • Feeling sad and frustrated about not being unable to style hair in the most fashionable way

  • Embarrassment in having to explain why she looks the way she does

Coping with Female Hair Loss and the Psychological Effects of Female Hair Loss

Another reason female hair loss can be so devastating is because it can not easily be hidden. Men can just do a comb over, get a crew cut or just shave their heads to hide baldness. For many men they just go with it because society doesn’t look down at men that are balding, not in the way they do women.

Trying to hide female hair loss, especially when it is localized can be difficult to do. Depending on the location, the only option for some is to wear a wig or hair replacement system.

Many women will spend a lot of time and money to find a hairstyle that properly hides their hair loss. That is not easy to do and it can force a woman make a choice to wear a hairstyle she does not like.

What Worries Women Most About Female Hair Loss?

If you look at the psychological effects of female hair loss, you need to ask yourself, what worries you.

  • Are you worry about losing more hair, and what how that will affect the way you look?

  • Are you feeling self-conscious about the way your hair looks when you are out in public?

  • Are you avoid public activities because you are afraid people will know?

  • Are you scared that you do not look attractive?

If you have any of these worries then now is the perfect time for you to do something about it. The first step is to open up to your doctor about your hair loss problem and the way it makes you feel. You may want to visit a hair loss professional that can go over hair loss solutions for women. While hair loss can have psychological effects for women it doesn’t have to change your quality of life.

Minneapolis - St. Paul Female Hair Loss Specialists

While the psychological effects of female hair loss can be devastating, there are options and beautiful women's hair loss solutions that really work. At Primp Salon in Minnetonka, we offer all proven non-surgical hair loss treatment and women's hair replacement options for female hair loss, regardless of cause or hair type. If you are concerned about female hair loss or thinning hair, please call us today to schedule a complimentary, private consultation with Michele.