Celebrity Hair Loss, The Best Kept Secret

Many of the celebrities we see on TV or on the big screen have their hair and makeup done by professionals so they look picture perfect when we see them. It is hard to imagine that some of them might have some sort of hair loss. Here are just a few celebrities that suffer from baldness

Victoria Beckham has been dealing with thinning hair for a couple of decades now. It started back in her “Spice Girl” days. In order for her to become Posh Spice, she turned to hair extensions. That overuse of hair extensions is what caused her thinning hair. There have been some reports that Victoria has turned to hair loss supplements in the past but they have had very little success possibly because the damage is to far gone for supplements to be effective

Lady Gaga has never been known to be conservative with her costumes, makeup, and hairstyles. Those over-the-top hairstyles have taken their toll on her natural hair. Her multiple changes in hair coloring over the years has caused some serious damage to her locks. It has gotten so bad that her hair has actually started to fall out. Lady Gaga has always been very quiet about her hair loss and hasn’t revealed any treatment or hair replacements openly to the public.

English singer / songwriter Will Young has denied having any type of hair restoration surgery. The pop star has been open about his use of hair loss supplements and the success he has had with them and if you see him, his hair looks pretty good so they must be working.

Bruce Willis. It is no secret that Bruce suffers from thinning hair and a receding hairline. This action star decided a while ago to just go bald and started to shave his head. His choice to embrace his thinning hair seems to have helped the choice of roles he gets, so for him going bald was a good move career wise.

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