Hair Extensions for Women with Thinning Hair

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Let’s face it, you see the actresses on TV and models in magazines and you’ve said to yourself, “if only I could have hair like that.” And if you are a woman with very fine or thinning hair, the anxiety about not being able to have the hair you want is even worse.

So here’s some good news: now you can have the long, thick, beautiful hair you’ve always wanted, quickly and easily with our beautiful women’s hair extensions at Primp Salon in Minnetonka. And don’t worry about damaging your own existing hair. We use an exclusive non-damaging application technique that will give you long beautiful hair and without damaging your existing natural hair.

At Primp Salon, all our hair extensions are handcrafted from 100% natural human hair to create the exact hair extensions look you want, to give you the look, style and self-confidence about your hair and your appearance you’ve been missing.

The best part of wearing fine quality hair extensions is that you won’t have to limit the activities you enjoy. Go ahead and go swimming, hit the gym or go jogging or bike riding. You can style your new hair up or wear it down, the choice is entirely yours. 

Limitless Style. Amazing Hair Length. Gorgeous Body.

Today Hollywood celebrities and models aren’t the only ones that can have long, beautiful hair. More and more women with fine and thinning hair are discovering that they too can instantly have longer, thicker hair while increasing their hair volume to just where they want it. This is all achieved because our hair extensions are made from 100% natural human hair. Each strand is hand selected and available in a variety of hair lengths, textures, and colors. And our professional application method is absolutely the gentlest way to give you the hair length and thickness you want while being very safe on your natural hair. 

Natural Results That Look Beautiful

With 100% natural hair extensions from Primp Salon, the style and look you want is only limited by your imagination. Whether you are looking for that wow factor for that special occasion or you want thicker hair with more volume for your everyday look, our hair extension specialists can help you get the look you want in just one afternoon – whether it’s long or short hair, straight or curly, streaked or colored.

At Primp Salon in Minnetonka, it only takes an afternoon to achieve the long, thick, beautiful hair you’ve always wanted. Just think, what could a little extra length or more added volume or highlights do for your hair? We encourage you to call today to schedule a private hair extensions consultation to find the perfect hair solution you’ve always dreamed of.